Does Amer Sports Own Wilson? Find Out the Surprising Answer Here

Did you know that Amer Sports own Wilson? Many people are unaware of this because Amer Sports is not a household name. For those who don’t know, Amer Sports is a sporting goods company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company owns several well-known brands, including Salomon, Arc’teryx, and Suunto. But it’s their ownership of Wilson that may come as a surprise to sports enthusiasts.

So, what does this mean for Wilson? Well, with the backing of Amer Sports, Wilson has the resources and support to continue producing high-quality products that athletes love. From tennis rackets to basketballs, Wilson has become synonymous with excellence in sports equipment. And with Amer Sports behind the brand, consumers can expect even more innovative products in the future.

Overall, the fact that Amer Sports owns Wilson is a testament to the strength and reach of this international corporation. As a leader in the sporting goods industry, Amer Sports is committed to helping athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world achieve their goals. And with Wilson under their umbrella, it’s safe to say that Amer Sports will continue to make a positive impact in the world of sports.

Amer Sports Overview

Amer Sports is a sporting goods company that was founded in 1950. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and has operations in over 30 countries. Amer Sports offers a variety of products, including sports equipment, footwear, and apparel.

The company is divided into three business segments: Winter and Outdoor, Ball Sports, and Fitness. Each segment has its own set of brands and products.

Brands Owned by Amer Sports

  • Salomon – a company that produces outdoor and winter sports equipment
  • Atomic – a company specializing in skiing equipment
  • Wilson – a brand that produces sports equipment such as tennis rackets and golf clubs
  • Precor – a brand that produces fitness equipment
  • Arc’teryx – a company that produces outdoor clothing and gear

Amer Sports Financials

In 2018, Amer Sports reported net sales of 2.7 billion euros. The company has continued to grow steadily over the years and has maintained a strong financial position.

Amer Sports has also implemented a sustainability program that focuses on reducing waste and minimizing the company’s environmental impact.

Does Amer Sports own Wilson?

Yes, Amer Sports does own Wilson. The company acquired Wilson Sporting Goods Co. in 1989 and has since continued to develop and expand the brand.

1989Amer Sports acquires Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
2018Amer Sports receives offer from Chinese firm Anta Sports to acquire the company

While the acquisition offer from Anta Sports did not go through, Amer Sports remains a major player in the sporting goods industry and continues to own Wilson and other popular brands.

Wilson Sporting Goods History

Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer founded by Thomas E. Wilson in 1913 in Chicago. Wilson started as a company that produced tennis racket strings and violin strings, but soon began manufacturing racket sports equipment. In 1915, the company created its first tennis racket.

  • The company quickly expanded and started creating equipment for other sports, such as baseball, golf, basketball, volleyball, and football.
  • Throughout its history, Wilson has been trusted by many famous athletes, such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Tom Brady.
  • In the 1980s, Wilson acquired the DeMarini brand to expand its presence in the baseball industry.

Wilson is known for creating innovative equipment and technology that has revolutionized various sports. For example, in 1922, Wilson created the “button” flagship tennis racket, which was the first racket to have strings attached to the frame without requiring eyelets.

Today, Wilson is owned by Amer Sports, a Finnish company that specializes in sports equipment and apparel. Amer Sports acquired Wilson in 1989 and has continued to expand and grow the brand.

1914Produces its first golf club
1922Creates the “button” flagship tennis racket
1989Amer Sports acquires Wilson

Wilson is now a global brand with a reputation for quality and innovation. It continues to work closely with athletes to develop new and better sports equipment. Wilson’s legacy in the sports industry is characterized by its dedication to creating equipment that enhances athlete performance and makes sports more fun and enjoyable.

Amer Sports Acquisition of Wilson

Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. It has been in business since 1913, and in 1985, it became a subsidiary of the Finnish company Amer Sports. Amer Sports is an internationally recognized sports equipment manufacturer that owns a number of well-known brands, including Salomon, Atomic, and Mavic.

The Acquisition Process

  • Amer Sports announced the acquisition of Wilson in 1985.
  • The acquisition process was completed in 1989, with Amer Sports acquiring all of the outstanding shares of Wilson Sporting Goods Company.
  • The financial terms of the deal were not released to the public.

Impact of the Acquisition

The Amer Sports acquisition of Wilson had a significant impact on both companies. Wilson remained a dominant force in sports equipment manufacturing, and the acquisition allowed it to expand its product offerings to include a wider range of sports. It also gave Wilson access to Amer Sports’ extensive global distribution network, which has helped the company to expand its presence in international markets.

For Amer Sports, the acquisition of Wilson was part of a larger effort to expand its presence in the American market. Wilson’s strong brand recognition and reputation for quality made it an attractive target, and the acquisition helped Amer Sports to establish a foothold in the highly competitive American sports equipment market.

Key Takeaways

The Amer Sports acquisition of Wilson was a significant event in the history of both companies. For Wilson, it provided access to global markets and allowed the company to expand its product offerings. For Amer Sports, it provided a foothold in the American market, which is one of the largest sports equipment markets in the world.

1985Amer Sports announces the acquisition of Wilson
1989Amer Sports acquires all outstanding shares of Wilson Sporting Goods Company

The financial terms of the deal were not released to the public, but it is clear that the acquisition had a significant impact on both companies and helped to shape the landscape of the sports equipment industry as we know it today.

Amer Sports Brands

Amer Sports is a Finnish company that offers a wide range of sporting goods, including equipment, apparel, and footwear, based on performance and lifestyle. The company owns some of the leading brands in the market, such as Wilson, Salomon, Arc’teryx, Atomic, and Suunto.

  • Wilson
  • Salomon
  • Arc’teryx
  • Atomic
  • Suunto

Wilson is the flagship brand of Amer Sports, which has been in the business since 1913. It is a leading manufacturer of performance tennis, basketball, baseball, and golf equipment in the world. Wilson has a significant market share in the tennis industry, with its tennis racquets being used by some of the world’s top players, such as Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

The Salomon brand, on the other hand, specializes in manufacturing skiing, snowboarding, and trail running equipment and apparel. Founded in 1947 in Annecy, France, Salomon has become a household name in skiing and snowboarding. Its products are known for their exceptional performance, quality, and durability, and are used by some of the world’s top athletes and enthusiasts.

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company that specializes in performance outdoor apparel and equipment. Arc’teryx’s products are designed and tested to perform in the most challenging outdoor conditions, including rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and mountaineering. The brand is known for its innovative and minimalist designs that prioritize function over aesthetics.

BrandProduct Category
WilsonTennis, basketball, baseball, and golf equipment
SalomonSkiing, snowboarding, and trail running equipment and apparel
Arc’teryxPerformance outdoor apparel and equipment
AtomicSkiing equipment
SuuntoWatches and instruments for sports and adventure

Atomic is another brand owned by Amer Sports that specializes in skiing equipment, such as skis, boots, and bindings. Atomic is known for its innovative technologies that improve skiing performance and comfort. The brand has been in the market for over 70 years and continues to dominate the skiing industry.

Suunto is a Finnish company that manufactures watches and instruments for sports and adventure. Suunto’s products are designed to help athletes and outdoor enthusiasts optimize their performance and achieve their goals. The brand’s products include sports watches, compasses, and dive computers, among others.

In summary, Amer Sports owns some of the world’s leading sports brands, each specializing in a different product category. Whether you are a professional athlete or an outdoor enthusiast, there is an Amer Sports brand that can cater to your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Wilson’s Product Lines

Wilson Sporting Goods has been manufacturing high-quality sports equipment and accessories for over a century. The company is known for its dedication to innovation and superior quality of its products. Wilson’s product lines cover a wide range of sports, including tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball.

  • Tennis: Wilson is widely recognized as one of the leading brands in the game of tennis. The company’s tennis product line includes rackets, strings, balls, and accessories. The brand has a strong presence in the professional tennis circuit, with its rackets being used by some of the world’s top players.
  • Basketball: Wilson’s basketballs are renowned for their quality, durability, and superior performance. The company offers basketballs for all levels of play, from beginners to professionals. The Wilson Evolution basketball is one of the most popular balls in the market and is used in high school and college games across the United States.
  • Football: Wilson is the official ball supplier for the National Football League (NFL). The company’s football product line includes game balls, training balls, and accessories. Wilson footballs are renowned for their superior quality, accuracy, and durability.
  • Volleyball: Wilson’s volleyball product line includes indoor and outdoor balls designed for all levels of play. The brand has a strong presence in the professional volleyball circuit, with its balls being used in the Olympics and other major international tournaments.
  • Baseball: Wilson is a popular brand among baseball players and enthusiasts. The company’s baseball product line includes gloves, bats, balls, and accessories. Wilson’s baseball gloves are considered among the best in the market, with their superior quality and durability.

Technology and Innovation

Wilson is recognized for its commitment to technology and innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development to create products that deliver superior performance and enhance the player’s experience. Wilson’s products are designed to meet the evolving needs of players and consumers.

One of the most innovative products in Wilson’s product line is the Smart Basketball. This basketball integrates technology to track the player’s shooting percentage, dribble speed, and ball trajectory. The data can then be analyzed and used to improve a player’s game.

Product Quality and Warranty

Wilson is committed to using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure superior product quality. The company also offers a warranty for most of its products, providing consumers with added peace of mind when purchasing Wilson products.

The length of the warranty varies depending on the product, but Wilson guarantees that all its products are free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase. The warranty covers repairs or replacement of the product if it fails due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Tennis Rackets1 year
Basketballs1 year
Football2 years
Volleyball1 year
Baseball GlovesLifetime

Wilson’s commitment to product quality and innovation has made it one of the most respected names in sports equipment and accessories. The company’s product lines cover a wide range of sports and have been trusted by generations of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Wilson’s Impact on the Sporting Industry

Wilson Sporting Goods Company was established in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson, a meat-packing executive, and quickly became a leading manufacturer in the sports industry. Over a century later, it remains one of the most recognizable brands for athletes at all levels of competition. Through innovation and investment in research and development, Wilson has produced some of the most iconic products in sports history.

The Impact of Wilson’s Innovations

  • Introducing the Double Core Football, providing players with better control and accuracy.
  • Creation of the T2000 tennis racket, the most popular racket of all time and the first to be made of steel.
  • Developing the fly-back mechanism for tennis ball machines, revolutionizing the way tennis is practiced and taught.

Wilson’s Sponsorship Deals

Other than making sporting goods, Wilson has also partnered with famous athletes and teams around the globe, solidifying its position as a leader in the sports industry. Some of its most noteworthy endorsements include:

  • Tennis legend Roger Federer, who has used the Wilson Pro Staff racket for most of his career.
  • NFL greats like Drew Brees and Tom Brady, both of whom use Wilson footballs.
  • NBA superstar Russell Westbrook, who has a signature Wilson basketball shoe.
  • NCAA basketball tournaments, supplying official game balls for March Madness every year.

Wilson’s Impact on Youth Sports

As the unofficial number one brand in youth sports, Wilson has committed itself to promoting the importance of physical activity and team sports for children of all ages. By providing quality equipment and sponsoring youth leagues, Wilson has helped generations of young athletes develop a passion for sports and lead more active lifestyles.

Impact of Amer Sports Acquisition

In 2005, the Finnish company Amer Sports acquired Wilson Sporting Goods. This provided additional resources for Wilson to continue its investment in research and development, helping to cement its position as a leader in the sports industry.

DateAcquired CompanyPrice
2005Wilsons Sporting Goods$190 Million

The purchase also strengthened Amer Sports’ leadership position in winter and outdoor sports equipment, as well as adding another important brand to their portfolio.

Future Plans for Amer Sports and Wilson

As one of the leading companies in the sports equipment industry, Amer Sports’ acquisition of Wilson has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for both brands. With a focus on innovation, Amer Sports has shown that the company is willing to take risks and make investments in order to ensure that both Amer Sports and Wilson remain competitive in the market.

  • Investing in technology: Amer Sports has always been known for its technological advancements. The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the sports equipment industry, and this will certainly be the case for Wilson as well. Amer Sports is committed to investing in new technologies that will improve the performance of their products. This includes everything from new materials to more effective manufacturing processes.
  • Expanding global reach: Amer Sports has a strong presence in Europe, but with the acquisition of Wilson, the company has a much larger window of opportunity to expand its global reach. The company has already made significant strides in this area, with plans to enter new markets in Asia and South America. With Wilson’s existing customer base in North America, Amer Sports is positioned to take advantage of the continent’s large sports industry.
  • Emphasizing sustainability: Amer Sports has committed to a goal of becoming a more sustainable company by 2030. This means reducing the carbon footprint of their products, using sustainable materials, and promoting responsible manufacturing practices. These same goals will apply to Wilson, as Amer Sports looks to make both brands more environmentally friendly.

Looking ahead, Amer Sports is well-positioned to continue dominating the sports equipment industry. With Wilson as a key player in their portfolio, Amer Sports will be able to continue innovating and expanding its reach for years to come.

Table: Amer Sports’ portfolio of brands

SalomonOutdoor equipment and apparel
WilsonSports equipment and apparel
Arc’teryxOutdoor equipment and apparel
PrecorFitness equipment
MavicCycling equipment and apparel

It is clear that Amer Sports’ purchase of Wilson has strengthened the company’s position in the sports equipment industry. With an eye on innovation, expansion, and sustainability, Amer Sports and Wilson are sure to be major players for years to come.

FAQs: Does Amer Sports Own Wilson?

Q: What is Amer Sports?

A: Amer Sports is a Finnish company that specializes in sporting goods, particularly equipment and clothing for hunting, skiing, and cycling. The company owns several well-known brands, including Wilson.

Q: Does Amer Sports own Wilson?

A: Yes, Amer Sports does own Wilson.

Q: When did Amer Sports acquire Wilson?

A: Amer Sports acquired Wilson in 1989.

Q: What other brands does Amer Sports own?

A: Amer Sports owns several other well-known brands, including Salomon, Atomic, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, and Suunto.

Q: Why did Amer Sports acquire Wilson?

A: Amer Sports acquired Wilson to expand its product portfolio and gain a foothold in the North American market.

Q: Is Wilson still headquartered in the United States?

A: Yes, Wilson is still headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Closing Thoughts

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