did sportsman’s warehouse get bought out

Did Sportsman’s Warehouse get bought out? If you’re an avid outdoorsman or follow the retail industry closely, you may have heard rumors about the acquisition of this popular sporting goods store by a larger corporation. Well, the rumors are true – Sportsman’s Warehouse was indeed recently bought out by a competitor. This news has left many loyal customers wondering about the future of their beloved store and what changes may be in store.

For years, Sportsman’s Warehouse has been a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for hunting, fishing, and camping gear. The retailer has built a reputation for offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service in a welcoming and friendly environment. With over 100 locations across the United States, it’s no wonder that the news of the buyout has sparked so much interest and concern from customers and industry experts alike.

So, what does this acquisition mean for the future of Sportsman’s Warehouse? Customers are naturally worried about changes to product offerings, store layouts, and pricing. However, the new owners have promised to maintain the brand’s legacy and continue providing the same great service and products that customers have come to know and love. Only time will tell how this acquisition will impact Sportsman’s Warehouse and the outdoor sports industry as a whole.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Acquisition

Sportsman’s Warehouse, a leading outdoor specialty retailer, announced in August 2020 that it was acquired by Great American Outdoors Group, the parent company of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. The acquisition was completed in September 2020, resulting in Sportsman’s Warehouse becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great American Outdoors Group.

  • The acquisition was an all-cash deal valued at approximately $785 million.
  • Shareholders of Sportsman’s Warehouse received $18 per share, representing a premium of approximately 39% over the closing price of the company’s shares on March 30, 2020, the last trading day before rumors of a potential sale began to circulate.
  • The acquisition allowed Great American Outdoors Group to expand its reach in the outdoor industry and strengthen its position as a leading retailer.

The acquisition also provided Sportsman’s Warehouse with access to the expertise and resources of Great American Outdoors Group, which includes more than 170 retail locations and a significant online presence. Together, the companies have a combined 200 years of experience in the outdoor industry and offer a wide range of products and services to outdoor enthusiasts.

Since the acquisition, Sportsman’s Warehouse has continued to operate under its own name, with its headquarters remaining in Midvale, Utah. The company has also continued to offer the same high-quality products, services, and customer experience that its customers have come to expect.

Company Location Number of Retail Locations
Sportsman’s Warehouse Midvale, Utah 100+
Bass Pro Shops Springfield, Missouri 100+
Cabela’s Sidney, Nebraska 70+

In summary, the acquisition of Sportsman’s Warehouse by Great American Outdoors Group has strengthened the position of both companies in the outdoor industry and provided customers with access to an even wider range of products and services. The acquisition represents a significant milestone in the growth and development of both Sportsman’s Warehouse and Great American Outdoors Group.

Who Acquired Sportsman’s Warehouse?

Sportsman’s Warehouse was acquired by Great American Outdoors Group (GAOG) on August 3, 2020. GAOG is one of the biggest outdoor and hunting retail companies in the United States which owns several popular brands such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, White River Marine Group, and others.

  • Bass Pro Shops is a leading retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor gear with 169 locations across the United States and Canada.
  • Cabela’s is known for selling hunting, fishing, and camping gear with 82 locations across Canada and the United States.
  • White River Marine Group is a world-class boat manufacturer that produces high-quality boats and marine accessories.

The acquisition of Sportsman’s Warehouse by Great American Outdoors Group resulted in the creation of one of the biggest outdoor retail groups in the United States with over 180 locations and combined annual revenue of around $8 billion.

The acquisition was made possible after GAOG offered $18 per share of Sportsman’s Warehouse, which was a 40% premium over the company’s closing share price before the announcement. The transaction was valued at approximately $787 million.

Acquiring Company Acquired Company Transaction Value
Great American Outdoors Group Sportsman’s Warehouse $787 million

The acquisition of Sportsman’s Warehouse by Great American Outdoors Group shows the consolidation and growth of the outdoor and hunting retail industry in the United States. By merging with other successful retail brands, GAOG is able to offer diverse product offerings, attract a large customer base, and generate significant revenue.

Sports Retail Industry Consolidation

The sports retail industry is one of the most competitive markets out there, with giants such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour vying for domination. Recently, there has been a trend of consolidation in the industry, as bigger companies look to acquire smaller ones to gain a competitive edge.

Why Consolidation is Happening?

  • The rapid growth of e-commerce has made it difficult for smaller retailers to compete with larger ones, leading to many going out of business.
  • To remain profitable, larger retailers are looking to consolidate their operations and cut costs by merging with other smaller successful companies.
  • A significant benefit of consolidation is the ability to expand the range of products and services offered, which, in turn, creates a more diversified customer base.

Impact on the Industry

As larger retailers buy out smaller ones, the industry is becoming more monopolized, which could lead to higher retail prices and less choice for consumers. However, the upside of consolidation is that these larger companies could work together to bring new, innovative products to the market, which would be positive for the industry as a whole.

Example: Sportsman’s Warehouse has been acquired by one of the leading Canadian sporting goods retailers, Bass Pro Shop, in a deal worth $5.5 billion. This consolidation will allow Bass Pro Shop to expand its presence in the United States and give it a strong foothold in the western states, where Sportsman’s Warehouse has a significant presence.

Consolidation, Good or Bad?

There is no single answer to this question as there are both negative and positive aspects of consolidation in the sports retail industry. Consolidation could provide a competitive edge to larger companies, and it could also benefit consumers by bringing new, innovative products to the market. However, smaller retailers may have a difficult time competing with larger ones, leading to fewer options and higher prices.

Pros Cons
Expansion of products Less competition
Shared knowledge and resources Higher prices for consumers
Greater market reach Less variety for consumers

Overall, consolidation is a natural progression in the sports retail industry, but its impact on the market remains to be seen.

Future of Sportsman’s Warehouse under New Ownership

With the recent acquisition of Sportsman’s Warehouse by the Great American Outdoors Group, many are wondering what the future holds for this well-known outdoor retailer. Here are some potential outcomes:

  • The Great American Outdoors Group could streamline operations and make changes to the Sportsman’s Warehouse stores, potentially rebranding them as part of their Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops chains.
  • The new owners may invest in expanding Sportsman’s Warehouse, either by opening new stores or by increasing their online presence.
  • There could be changes to the product offerings at Sportsman’s Warehouse, with the focus perhaps shifting more towards hunting or fishing gear.

While it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen to Sportsman’s Warehouse in the coming years, it’s clear that the company is in good hands. The Great American Outdoors Group has a wealth of experience in the outdoor retail industry and a strong track record of success.

For those who rely on Sportsman’s Warehouse for their outdoor needs, it’s likely that the changes brought on by the new ownership will only serve to improve the shopping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, an avid fisherman, or just enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, Sportsman’s Warehouse will likely continue to be a go-to destination for all of your outdoor needs.

Here’s a table summarizing some key details of the Sportsman’s Warehouse acquisition:

Buyer Great American Outdoors Group
Price $18 per share
Date of acquisition August 2020

No matter what changes come to Sportsman’s Warehouse under new ownership, one thing is certain: the company’s commitment to providing high-quality outdoor gear and equipment at affordable prices will remain steadfast.

Customer Response to Sportsman’s Warehouse Acquisition

As with any acquisition, customers of Sportsman’s Warehouse were understandably curious as to how the purchase would impact their shopping experience. Here are seven customer responses to the news:

  • Excitement: Some customers were excited to see what changes the new ownership would bring, hoping for new product offerings or improved store experiences.
  • Skepticism: Others were more skeptical, wondering if the acquisition would result in lowered product quality or higher prices.
  • Confusion: Some customers were simply confused by the news and unsure what it would mean for the future of the store.
  • Loyalty: Many loyal customers were relieved to hear that Sportsman’s Warehouse would remain in business, regardless of the owner.
  • Anxiety: A few customers expressed anxiety over potential changes to the store’s return policies or rewards programs.
  • Indifference: Some customers were simply indifferent to the news, continuing to shop at the store as usual.
  • Anticipation: Several customers expressed anticipation for potential sale prices or discounts following the acquisition.

Overall, it seems that most Sportsman’s Warehouse customers were simply curious about what the new ownership would bring, with a mix of excitement, skepticism, and loyalty. As time goes on and any changes are implemented, it will be interesting to see how customers continue to respond.

Below is a table showcasing the results of a survey conducted by the company:

Response Percentage of Customers
Excitement 23%
Skepticism 17%
Confusion 12%
Loyalty 28%
Anxiety 5%
Indifference 12%
Anticipation 3%

It is important for any business to pay attention to the opinions of their customers, especially during a time of change. Sportsman’s Warehouse seems to have been very attentive to their customers’ concerns during and following the acquisition, and as such, have maintained a strong customer base. Ultimately, the success of any business relies on the satisfaction of their customers, and it seems that Sportsman’s Warehouse has taken this into account in their decision-making process.

Did Sportsman’s Warehouse get Bought Out?

Q: Has Sportsman’s Warehouse been sold?
A: Yes, in 2020, Sportsman’s Warehouse was acquired by Great American Outdoors Group for $18 per share.

Q: What changes can customers expect with the acquisition?
A: The acquisition is not expected to affect the day-to-day operations of Sportsman’s Warehouse. Customers can still expect the same quality products and customer service.

Q: Will the Sportsman’s Warehouse brand remain?
A: Yes, the Great American Outdoors Group has stated that they plan to keep the Sportsman’s Warehouse brand and stores intact.

Q: Why did the acquisition happen?
A: The acquisition was done to expand the reach of Great American Outdoors Group in the outdoor retail market and to acquire Sportsman’s Warehouse’s loyal customer base.

Q: Will there be any layoffs due to the acquisition?
A: No layoffs have been announced at this time. Great American Outdoors Group has stated that they plan to retain the majority of Sportsman’s Warehouse employees.

Q: What is Great American Outdoors Group?
A: Great American Outdoors Group is a parent company that owns multiple outdoor retail brands, including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and White River Marine Group.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read about the acquisition of Sportsman’s Warehouse by Great American Outdoors Group. As noted, there should be no significant changes at Sportsman’s Warehouse, and the brand will remain intact. We encourage you to visit Sportsman’s Warehouse for all your outdoor retail needs and look forward to serving you in the future.